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Meet Who Makes it Happen


As Owner/Operator of Fit4You, Dave works first-hand with our members through group class instruction and fitness coaching. Dave began his fitness journey over 20 years ago and continues to display his passion for health and fitness to this day. Having the opportunity to work with a number of youth, amateur and professional level athletes over the years, Dave's training spectrum is dynamic and multi-dimensional. From basic fitness training, to weight loss, to sports performance, you can see Dave serve many different types of clients while displaying his commitment to all members in making Fit4You the best fitness experience around!

Personal Trainer and certified Nutritionist

Fit4You is very fortunate to have Personal
Trainer and Nutrition Specialist Amber Smith on the Team. With over 10 years of
Fitness Training experience and being the author of 'The Eat Well Book', Amber
brings a great energy to the Fit4YOu Team. She has a strong passion for fitness
and a genuine desire for helping people achieve their goals both in the gym and
the kitchen! Amber's expertise spans every age group as well as all fitness

Personal Trainer

With over 20 years of professional experience, Mike Hammond is a seasoned Personal Trainer whose journey began in 1993. Mike is very well versed in TRX Suspension Training, HIIT Training, Olympic style lifting, Plyometrics and Body Building. Mike's philosophy of training is simple; "Working out is not what you do, it's what you are. It's a way of life, no matter your current fitness level." Mike takes great pride in helping people achieve their personal fitness goals and helping realize their true strength and potential.

Personal Trainer

A former public school educator, Andy Wood is one of the most familiar faces you will see here at Fit4You. Beginning his Personal Training journey in 2008, Andy trains clients full time here at Fit4You and feels that his career move to be a fitness professional is undeniably the most rewarding way for him to make a living. Andy’s training philosophy is cut and dry; “There is no substitute for hard work! Find a way instead of an excuse!! A Fitness Competitor himself, Andy works directly with both active and aspiring male and female Fitness Competitors as well as clients who are just simply looking to build a stronger, leaner body. We are very fortunate to have Andy on the Fit4You Team.

Tyler austin
Personal Trainer

Former University of Cincinnati Soccer goalkeeper, Tyler Austin, brings his athletic pedigree to Fit4You.  Tyler's experience as a collegiate athlete help him improve the level of our young athlete clientele.  But his experience doesn't stop there.  Tyler's patience and great knowledge of the body makes him a great Coach for all ages and fitness levels.