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Fit4You offers a full range of classes including:

  • TRX

  • Guns 'n Buns

  • Power Hour

  • Tabata

  • HIIT Circuit

  • Yoga

  • Muscle Mix

  • Boot Camp 

Non-Members are welcome to join any class to try it before enrolling. Call today to schedule your complimentary class!


TRX is an acronym for Total Body Resistance Exercise and the secret of this Suspension Training is that it's all core all the time! The term Suspension Training refers to an approach to strength training that uses a system of ropes and webbing called a "suspension trainer" to allow members to work against his or her own body weight. Born in the Navy SEALs, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Fit4You TRX class is workout time well spent! Remember, the core is more than your abs! It’s pelvis, abs, back and chest muscles, which are challenged in every TRX exercise.

HIIT Circuit

As fitness enthusiasts we are always striving for that complete workout. With Fit4You HIIT Circuit class you can expect that nice balance in resistance training and cardio vascular work. HIIT Circuit is a structured class consisting of multiple stations including both body weight exercises as well and added resistance through free weight, bands and exercise balls, all performed in a timed interval fashion. This cardio rollercoaster is a nice element for shredding body fat in a minimal amount of time.

Muscle Mix

Get more done in less time!  With Muscle Mix we eliminate the 'chore' of doing cardiovascular exercise by running a nice 'Mix' of steady-state and interval type cardio exercises with a total-body resistance workout.  We will push you to new levels with Muscle Mix.  No better way to set body fat on fire than with this class!

Guns 'n Buns

The name says it all.  Sculpted guns and tight buns are the focus of this class.  We mix in a nice balance of glute exercises and total arm exercises with a bit of cardiovascular activity to make this a complete workout.  All fitness levels are welcome to attend this butt burner!


Working out more efficiently is always the goal. Studies show that one of the best ways to do so is through H.I.I.T. training or High Intensity Interval Training. Tabata training is an effective form of H.I.I.T workout that lasts four minutes. The Tabata workout may only be four minutes, but is one of the longest four minutes you'll encounter. The structure of the program is:

  • Workout hard for 20 seconds

  • Rest for 10 seconds

  • Complete eight rounds

We push you to work as hard as you can for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds until you complete at least eight sets. Our professional instructors will push you to do squats, pushups, rows, and many exercises that work your large muscle groups with both your own body weight as well as added free weight. All fitness levels are welcome!


Power Hour
This 60 minute barbell workout strengthens all your major muscles in This 60 minute barbell workout strengthens all your major muscles in an inspiring, motivating group environment with fantastic music and awesome instructors. With simple, athletic movements such as squats, lunges, presses and curls to name a few, Power Hour is for all ages and fitness levels. This choreographed resistance workout is just what the doctor ordered for members looking for a total body strength workout lead by one of our fitness professionals!